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Timeline of Bill Collins association with Shelbys


1962 First Cobra built by Carroll Shelby CSX2000
1962 Mustang Prototype Produced
1964 First Production Mustang Sold to the Public
1965 First GT350 Produced Image 24
1965 First GT350 to entertain Bill Collins
That's me, Bill, sitting in brand new 1966 GT350, SFM6S101, in the same showroom that November. At 16 years old, I was a bit young to buy one new, but the enthusiasm was definitely there! I had just seen the Film Red Line 7000, in which one of the principal characters, a race car driver played by James Caan, has a new '65 GT350 as his daily transportation. In a night sequence filmed at the old Ascot Raceway in LA, the Shelby (SFM5010) is run hard, drifting through the turns and finally spinning out. I was hooked ! I had to have one of these cars, and now I was actually sitting in one!
November 1965 1965 tour of 1966 Shelbys at Francis for Fords in Harrisburg, PA (notice the 1965 R-model Shelby).
This is Francis For Fords in Harrisburg, PA as seen in the fall of 1965.




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